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    Proofreading & Editing Basics

    • Word
    • Latex
    • PDF – Although we cannot make the changes for you.

    Timing depends on the number of words – Our editors can deliver urgent briefs if required.

    Please fill out the Get a Quote form.

    • Every document will be reviewed by two different editors.
    • A subject specialist will perform the initial proofread or edit.
    • One of our senior editors will check their work before sending it to you.

    Our Academic Editors

    • Our editors are all native English speakers.
    • As a minimum requirement, our academic editors have Master’s degrees, with the majority holding a PhD from one of the UK’s top universities.
    • Having a range of editors who are experts in many different fields enables us to choose the most suitable editor for you.
    • We have experts in subjects such as Social Sciences, Biological Sciences, Law, Health & Medical Sciences, History, Geography, Business & Finance, Theology, English Literature, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Engineering, Linguistics, Politics & International Relations, Physics and many more.
    • We’re very selective and accept fewer than 5% of the editors who apply.
    • Each editor has successfully completed an extensive screening process. They have been tested for their academic editing skills through our own editing test and they go through an initial probationary period during which they receive feedback and constructive criticism from a senior editor.
    • We have an on-going system of random peer review testing by fellow editors.
    • A typical editor has worked in their subject area for over 5 years.
    • Certainly, just fill out the Get a Quote form and upload a copy/section of your work, asking for a sample edit in the Additional Information box. Your editor will randomly select a short passage of text for sample editing. We will then return a ‘track changes’ version for you to see what has been done.
    • In Word documents, our editors make all the corrections and improvements using the ‘track changes’ mode which shows the changes in colour.
    • We will submit the ‘track changes’ version of your document to you so that you can see everything that has been done, along with a clean ‘final’ version with the tracking removed for your convenience.
    • Yes, we can fulfil high volume orders. We pride ourselves on the number of returning clients we have and we regularly do large runs of work for some of our research clients. As always, we can adapt to your needs, and if you have a journal style guide, we’ll be happy to adhere to it.

    Academic Proofreaders follows a simple four-step process to ensure accuracy and quality:

    • Our editing manager reviews the document to match the document type with an editor’s expertise.
    • The professional editor selected for you carries out the initial proofread or edit.
    • A senior editor then checks and proofreads their work.
    • We return a version with ‘track changes’ for you to review the improvements, along with a clean ‘final’ version ready for your use.
    • Yes. All documents are treated with compete confidentiality, and our business is structured to ensure security.
    • Your documents, your personal details and your emails are held in the strictest of confidence.
    • Our editors are experienced professionals who have all signed legally binding confidentiality agreements.
    • Your documents are stored securely on our server, and are only visible to your editor and our management team.
    • A separate Non-Disclosure Agreement can be arranged for you if necessary.

    We are an Internet company based in London, UK. Our orders are delivered via email. You can place your order at your convenience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you wish to visit us, you are more than welcome, but please Contact Us first to make an appointment.


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