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    Essay Editing

    At Academic Proofreaders, we understand the conflicting demands that can be placed on a student’s time – revision for exams can often clash with essay deadlines – and multiple essay deadlines often come along all the same time. This pressure can lead to work being rushed, and errors can easily sneak into the work. No student wants a perfectly good essay marked down because of errors in language or sentence structure. The errors can lead to points contained in the essay becoming lost due to ambiguity, confused arguments or simple lack of clarity.

    Ideally, every student will spend the necessary time checking and re-checking every essay to remove all of these errors. However, the reality is that this part of the writing process gets de-prioritised as other deadlines start to approach.

    Academic Proofreaders has the ideal solution to this problem. Our essay editing  service not only removes the time-consuming task of reviewing your essays, the job is done by an academic expert with significant experience – ensuring that your document is being revised by someone who has a detailed knowledge of the subject matter.

    The process is straightforward. Once your essay is submitted, it will be subject to an initial review before being passed on to the most appropriate member of the essay editing team. The team contains individuals with experience in a huge range of academic subjects; our editors hold PhDs from the world’s top universities, meaning that your essay will always be reviewed by a subject matter expert.

    Your dedicated academic editor will then undertake a thorough review of the essay. This will ensure that all points contained in the essay are made in clear, unambiguous language, using the correct terminology. The revised document may include other changes to assist the clarity of your work – for example, revising long paragraphs into appropriate lists or bullet points.

    A final review will then remove all spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors – making all of the points in your essay clear, unambiguous and, most importantly, easy for an examiner to read and mark.

    The benefits are significant. As well as saving time, allowing you to concentrate on remaining essays and examination revision, we also provide peace of mind. Our team of essay editing experts are subject to stringent testing before they can carry out any reviews. The team do not make any additions or changes to the content of your work, so there is no risk of accusations of collusion or plagiarism.

    Our rates are affordable, and in return you will receive your own essay in fully checked and corrected form.

    Our aim is for every student who chooses to use our services to achieve the results that he or she deserves. Our team are all experienced in a variety of levels of academic study – we understand the importance of the work we undertake and pride ourselves on making a positive difference to the results you will achieve.

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