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Thesis Proofreading

Here at Academic Proofreaders we understand a good thesis requires extremely high standards in writing style as well as content. Success relies on good written English that is able to clearly convey the results and analysis of the research and the conclusions drawn from those results.

Completing a doctorate thesis of 80,000 words or more is an immensely long and draining process, one that will often coincide with other, conflicting demands on the writer’s time. Hours of research and experiments need to be collated before being presented in the thesis.

These efforts can, inadvertently, lead to unwanted minor errors appearing in the final document. While focusing on ensuring that the document reflects the results of the time dedicated to researching and interrogating the topic, it is easy to overlook administrative errors such as spelling mistakes or grammatically incorrect sentences.

As a result, you may find your thesis being returned to you time and time again for these errors to be corrected before being able to attend your Viva.

Our thesis proofreading service provides the ideal method to remove these potential errors. It is important that the proofreader understands your subject in order for them to make the correct amendments; our service is completed by a specialist in the same academic field as the basis of thesis. Our work is thorough and confidentiality is maintained at all times.

Our thesis proofreading is straightforward – a member of our expert proofreading team completes a thorough check of the document’s spelling, punctuation and grammar – correcting these errors for you along with any typographical errors you may have.

Our thesis proofreading team have significant experience in academic papers across a broad range of topics. Every proofreader is subject to stringent testing before joining the team, providing you with the confidence that your review will be conducted by an expert with significant experience in academic papers. We are committed to providing a service that maximises the potential of every document we review.

Once uploaded to our site, your thesis will be allocated to the most suitable team member, who will review your document, along with your instructions and the required deadlines, to ensure full satisfaction.

You will receive a document complete with all corrections necessary to bring the thesis up to the level of a professional writer. You are then in position to submit the thesis, safe in the knowledge that your content is error-free.

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