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    Dissertation Proofreading & Editing Services

    Experience, Security, Confidentiality

    Our Dissertation Proofreading & Editing services are designed to assist students during the final stages of a dissertation write-up.

    Why Us?

    Our subject specialist dissertation proofreaders and editors have wide experience in proofreading and editing academic text in order to ensure correct expression of thoughts and ideas in good academic style.

    We understand that, given the importance of a dissertation, preparing your own for submission can be a daunting task, but our expert editors have proofread and edited hundreds of dissertations and theses. We’re familiar with what is expected by supervisors and external examiners in terms of academic expression and we can provide precisely the type of assistance you need.

    We follow university guidelines and take an ethical approach to proofreading and editing a dissertation, so we will never interfere with the academic content, we won’t alter your intended meaning or add anything new – your thoughts, ideas and arguments remain your own at all times. Our support team will discuss how best to assist and will agree everything in writing before we begin.

    Security and confidentiality are cornerstones of our business. Your documents and research are protected and we will never make your work available to anyone other than your specialist editor, our senior editor and our key support staff.

    Our Service Options

    Dissertation Proofreading

    Our Dissertation Proofreading service provides a thorough check of your text, finding and correcting any errors of spelling, punctuation and grammar or incorrect word use.

    Dissertation Proofreading is designed to be used as a final check for an already well-written document where the meaning is clear and the writing style concise.

    All corrections are made for you, and these are highlighted using track changes.

    Dissertation Proofreading & Editing

    Our Dissertation Proofreading & Editing service is designed to ensure that a dissertation or final year thesis is presented in an appropriate academic style of English that is clear, concise and coherent throughout. It is ideal if you don’t have a naturally good writing style, or if you feel that you’re struggling to express your thoughts and ideas coherently. It is also advisable if English is not your first language.

    What’s Included:

    We make a thorough check of your text, finding and correcting any errors of spelling, punctuation and grammar.

    Sentence Construction and Flow
    Where necessary, we simplify sentence construction to ensure clarity of expression.*

    We remove repetitive and redundant words and/or sentences.*

    We improve the overall style and tone of your writing to make it suitably academic.*

    We check that your in-text citation style is consistent and, if appropriate, that you have a Table of Contents and Lists of Tables and Figures with correct pagination. If included in the word count ordered, we can also check your bibliography.

    We can also ensure that your dissertation is correctly laid-out to suit your university’s requirements. (Formatting is only available for Word documents) Example

    All corrections are made for you, and these are highlighted using track changes.

    *Please Note: We will never interfere with or change your ideas, arguments or content.

    On-going support and alterations

    Our Dissertation Proofreading & Editing services include support beyond the initial edit.

    We understand the importance of your dissertation and that even after we return it, you may still need to make final adjustments – whether because you decide to make some ‘tweaks’, or because your supervisor makes a suggestion or requests amendments.

    We remain available to proofread or edit such changes without any further charge, provided of course that they are reasonable (up to 10% of the original word count) and allowing us two to three working days to re-check.

    Our Editors

    Our dissertation proofreaders and editors are all native-English-speakers from the UK’s top academic institutions.

    We select our editors based both on their ability to edit and improve your academic English and on their subject knowledge. They therefore have the experience and qualifications to make the language improvements needed to produce a document which meets the exacting standards of academic English required at Master’s or PhD level.

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    Our prices are calculated based on word count, so please include everything that you want an editor to check – this can include your bibliography, but not your appendices. If you don’t need an editor to check your bibliography, don’t include it in the word count.

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    Our existing clients have already experienced the added value we give to their writing, which is why we have so many returning clients and why we receive so many recommendations. If you have not used our services before and would like to see how we work before committing your dissertation, we are happy to carry out a free sample edit on a section of your text. Simply give us a call to discuss, or fill out the price request form and we’ll call you back.

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