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    Essay Proofreading

    Throughout university, essays make up a significant amount of the assessments undertaken by students. These essays may form the basis of a student’s grade across a course module or, on occasion, will be the single piece of work on which a grade is decided. The quality of this work is, therefore, of real importance, and on occasion, work can be marked down or even rejected due to errors in spelling and grammar.

    At Academic Proofreaders, we understand that large numbers of essays can land at the same time – particularly around the end of term. This workload can put strain on even the most meticulous of students.

    Our essay proofreading service has three significant benefits:

    Firstly, we offer peace of mind. Our essay proofreading experts are committed to thoroughly checking each submitted essay. With extensive experience in academia as well as industry, our academic proofreading service ensures that your work is clear of spelling errors and has consistent, accurate grammar.

    Error-free work will assist in keeping your marks up. Whilst it is rare for essays to have additional points added for good spelling and grammar – marks can certainly be lost due to basic errors in written English.

    At busy times, students may need to be focussing on completing other essays rather than proofreading their work. Using our essay proofreading service will free up this time, allowing you to make sure your potential marks are being maximised.

    Our essay proofreading service is designed to check essays across all ranges of subjects for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, and correcting them before they are returned.

    Our process is simple and fast. Submit your work here on the website, with any specific instructions you want us to keep in mind, including the deadlines to which you are working – the essay will then be allocated to one of our dedicated academic proofreaders, all of whom hold PhDs from the world’s top universities. The proofreader’s role is simple, but extremely detailed – meticulously checking each line to ensure the English is correct. We have a large team from which we can choose the most suitable academic proofreader, and each member of our team has been chosen following a strenuous selection process.

    We make the corrections for you, rather than just responding with a list of areas to consider or suggested changes – saving you additional time when the pressure is on and deadlines are approaching.

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