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    To see how our editors make improvements to your work, please click on the samples below.

    You can rest assured that all amendments are made following guidance from UK universities. Our academic proofreaders will not change meaning, add new content, improve arguments or suggest areas for further research. The work is yours and yours alone.

    When we return your completed proofread or edit, it is important that you maintain author control by checking the changes made. Where appropriate, your editor may also make some comments using the marginal comments function – these will highlight anything that your editor cannot address for ethical reasons, but that need your consideration. For example, if you have a contradiction in your argument, your editor will identify the conflicting statements for you to decide on what you want to say, we will never make that decision for you. Or, if you have some information missing from an in-text reference or even a complete reference missing, we will bring it to your attention so you can ensure that any quotations are correctly cited.

    These examples also demonstrate how we will return your completed Edit or Proofread – you will receive a Track Changed version to show you the amendments we have made, and a clean version with these removed for your convenience.

    If you have any question, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    Academic Editing Sample

    Proofreading Sample